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MSK Assessment

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Joint pain, stiffness or instability limiting your quality of life? It doesn't have to be this way. Skin and Bones are here for you. Starting with a musculoskeletal assessment we will go through your medical history, what difficulties you are having and most importantly what your goals are in terms of improvement. A thorough musculoskeletal examination will follow and this will allow our clinicians to agree a holistic treatment plan with you. The aim being to reduce your symptoms, improve your functioning and allow you to achieve your goal.

Management options include physiotherapy exercises, input from occupational health and orthotics to ensure you have all the necessary aids to maximise your functioning. Joint injection can be used to reduce over the long term and increase the effectiveness of physiotherapy. Where surgery is needed we maintain close links with our orthopaedic colleagues and can organise a referral to an appropriate surgeon. 

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